Tips for Making the Most of Each Workout

When a person works out regularly, not only do they look and feel better, every aspect of their life improves. Sadly, getting regular exercise is something many people find difficult to do. For this reason, people need to make the most of every workout. How is this accomplished? Following are some tips to maximize every workout for great results.

Carbs That Digest Slowly

A study conducted at Loughborough University in the UK found that whole grains and other slow-digesting carbs allow a person to burn more fat throughout the day. Furthermore, they help to bring insulin levels down and provide the individual with more endurance. Try to consume 40 grams of these carbs before each workout for great results.

Benefit From Forced Reps

The time comes when it feels like one more rep is impossible. Don’t stop now. With the help of a spotter to prevent injury, push through and do a few more reps. Doing so boosts growth hormone significantly. Try for two or three extra reps, but don’t push too hard, as overtraining isn’t beneficial either.

Keep The Mind Focused

People often let their mind wander when they exercise, but doing so is a mistake. When a person concentrates on the muscle they are working, more muscle activity is observed. As a result, more muscle growth is observed over the long run.

Avoid Instability Devices

Instability devices seem like a great idea, but they actually reduce the effectiveness of a strength training workout. In fact, a Canadian study found that use of an instability device decreased strength by 40 percent. Save these devices for specific purposes, not as a unit to be used when strength training.

Cardio Comes After Strength Training

When both cardio exercises and strength training are to take place on the same day, save the cardio for last. When cardio is done prior to lifting weight, it reduces the growth hormone response. Many people, for this reason, choose to do cardio on certain days and strength training on others.

Make use of these tips to boost every workout, and visit Slummy Single Mummy for more information. Although life is busy, regular exercise is critical to a person’s overall health. Make the most of each moment spent working out with the help of these tips.

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