How to Have Safer Intimate Encounters

Independent women understand the importance of taking care of themselves. Good health makes it easier to enjoy life and is a necessity for career success. Most women eat right, exercise and attend their annual doctor appointments to ensure they stay fit. What many neglect to do is take the time to learn all they can about protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Too many people believe this is something that only happens to very promiscuous people, but that is not true. Anyone that is sexually active is at risk. A recent study revealed that an estimated 110 million people in the country suffer from a sexually transmitted infection. A majority of new cases affect people under 25 as well as many people over the age of 65. No one is immune. Knowing how to not become a statistic is vital for staying healthy.

  • Always insist on the use of a latex condom from start to finish.
  • Only used water-based lubricants with condoms.
  • Hepatitis B and HPV is preventable with the appropriate vaccinations.
  • Urinate and shower immediately after intercourse.
  • Never share underwear or towels with anyone.
  • Avoid over-imbibing. Intoxication sometimes leads to reckless behavior.
  • Get substance abuse assistance if unable to control the amount of alcohol consumed or if currently consuming recreational drugs.
  • Consider abstaining from sex until involved in a committed relationship.
  • Insist that all new partners get STD testing before beginning an intimate relationship.
  • Refuse to have any type of sexual contact with anyone that refuses to undergo testing.

The only guaranteed method of preventing any potential infection is to never engage in any form of sexual activity at all. Understanding STD prevention methods and learning how to recognize common symptoms of STDs is necessary since most people do not consider a lifetime of abstinence to be an acceptable solution. Early detection of an STD allows the sufferer to get more effective treatment, reduces the discomfort they suffer and helps to slow down the transmission of the disease to others. An early diagnosis may even be life saving. To see common symptoms visit . The website offers tips and advice on everything a woman needs to stay healthy, happy and gorgeous.

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