I Messed Up My Back Pruning Trees

I was trimming trees in our back yard suing one of those little electric chain saws that are on the end of a long pole. It trims branches really nice. I was cutting one and it fell the wrong way. I jumped out of the way to avoid getting whacked in the head, and I felt something odd in my back. I was holding that branch cutter with my arms extended when I moved quickly, and I felt like a pop or something in my back. I was okay until a few hours later, then our chiropractor in San Rafael was who was on my mind to call first thing in the morning. The pain was getting worse as the hours went by.

The chiropractor gave me a full exam before any adjustments this time. And because of some concerns, I was sent to my regular doctor for some imaging to rule out any breaks or other serious issues before having any adjustments done. I think this was a good move to be sure. After I was found to not have any breaks or other serious medical issues caused by that injury, I was okayed to be treated by chiropractic medicine. The pain was still bothering me, and the first adjustment made me feel instantly better. It was like having a pain switch shut off after the adjustment. I felt that much better.

Because I had the impingement on the nerves for a few days, it did take a few adjustments until I really felt like myself again. I was out trimming trees again this weekend, and I was more careful about guessing where the branches would fall based on where I placed the cuts. My back did not hurt, and I was able to finish up the spring pruning of the trees in our back yard.

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