My Chiropractor Helps Me with Frozen Shoulder Pain

I like the electrical stim therapy I get at the chiropractor. I have a friend who gets acupuncture that is electrified, but I do not like needles. Come to think of it, I am not a fan of electricity either. I abhor getting that static shock in the winter when you touch a doorknob or other metal object. I started going to a San Francisco chiropractor when my chronic shoulder pain got to be too much for me. I have nerve damage and some issues with what are called glycosylated end products that had caused frozen shoulder. Basically it is sugar that gets into a muscle fiber ring that is in your shoulder area. It gets hard like glue in there, and the only way to get better is to pretty much tear it up to break up the glue.

Imagine a steak soaked in a very sticky glue that has dried. Now you have to work out the glue by pulling that steak in all directions. Well, your muscles are meat like a steak, and the blood supply and movement tear up the sugar deposits to free up range of motion in the muscles. It can be very painful and take a couple of years to resolve. The stim therapy on that shoulder helped me tremendously with dealing with the pain. There are no needles. They just use these sticky pads that conduct current.

The electricity starts out so low you cannot feel it. then they turn up the dial until it is just at the edge of becoming uncomfortable. In a few seconds it starts to feel really good. It feels like a warm vibrating device has been placed on the affected area, but it is just the electrical current making your muscles move fast. It breaks up the bad stuff so your blood stream can carry it away. It is a real help to me even today years after getting over frozen shoulder pain.

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