I Lost Some Teeth in a Crash

It was not like I had much to do with it, beyond being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting my car smashed up beyond repair. I got beat up pretty good, they took me to the hospital with a broken arm and a bunch of cuts and bruises. Then I needed to get a Livermore dentist to fix my mouth. It was really messed up and while I was in the hospital the only thing I could eat came in through a straw. Of course I do not mind a milk shake, but that is not what you want to have for every meal. I was only there for a couple of days though, so it was not that big of a deal really. The bad part was that I had no car and I missed two weeks at work.

I was at a light and it changed, but I did not go any place because I could hear a siren. The guy behind me did not care, he gave me the finger and drove around me. That was when we found out someone else was running from the police. He tried to avoid the guy who passed me and then of course the police car hit him in the rear and drove him into my car. It was a really loud crash and I think I may have been knocked out by the air bag. That thing really hit me hard and that is what knocked my teeth loose. The dentist treated it like it was an emergency, but he started out with just a denture to hold me over for the short term. After a bit they are going to build me a permanent bridge and fix it in my mouth so that I do not have to deal with taking something out of my mouth.

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